Forrest Gump On The Mets

Forrest Gump Comments On The Mets

Forrest Gump Comments On The Mets

“Mets are like a box of chocolates, leave ‘em out there in the sun for 3 hours and they turn to shit”

I can’t wait to see Chuck James pitching for Johan Santana when his arm falls off in the 4th inning.

“Johan, are you concerned about the fact that you no longer have a left arm?”

“I feel great. This is just a minor setback.”

“Johan, is it true Dan Warthen suggested that, instead of losing valuable time learning how to pitch with your right arm, you will hold the ball in your mouth and run to the batter?”

“Absolutely. Aren’t you happy that this man is our pitching coach and not Rick Petterson?”



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