Ike Davis Confirms He’s Ok – From The Fourth Dimension

Breaking News…

Ike Davis sent a message to our planet from the fourth dimension explaining how a simple injury could lead to no updates with no explanation as to how he fell off the face of the Earth.

Contrary to popular belief, his disappearance has nothing to do with his doctors having no answers to what seemed like a 2 manned knee tickle that has, instead, turned into a catastrophe for a team who can’t properly diagnose a runny nose.

“To ease everybody’s concern, I am healthy. Unfortunately, a rip in time space transferred my atoms into a spacial reality that is invisible to the human eye. I know this might sound impossible but, be honest, so does the idea of me being out for the year after David Wright farted next to me when our knee caps barely touched. So there you go.”

Notice how Mets Blog stays quiet on the matter? SNY Sellouts :(

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