Mets Get Swept By Brewers

Will get swept by Phillies. Check back next week for more ‘met news’. Or go to Mets Blog. Owned by SNY. Mets Blog. A blog about the Mets. The next great blog idea would be a blog about dogs with cancerous testicles that are oversized.

“Honey, what are you doing?”

“I’m reading a blog about dogs and their over sized cancer balls”

“Now, why would you do that honey?”

“I’ll ready anything other than the shit Michael Baron has to ‘write’.”

“Ok, that makes sense”

Or something like that. I just want to make fun of this team. Who needs to report news? You see the ‘news’ when the Mets bend over and spread their cheeks for the opposing teams. It’s only NEWS if they win or don’t do something to embarrass themselves. For instance, If the Mets’ owners do NOT GET SUED for $300m, it’s NEWS. Capice?

So the Mets lost. That’s the news. Mets are awful. You heard it here first.

Blog. That’s the sound my cat makes when she horks up a dust bunny. Speaking of horking up, I cant imagine what our bullpen will do against the Phillies. Or our punch and doody hitters against the Phillies. Holy lord this will be a blood bath.

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