Reality TV Show Idea For SNY

It’s called “How many ways can we hit Jeff Wilpon in the balls and make him cry?”

Or, if that somehow doesn’t get accepted, I would pitch:

“How many families are eating out of dumpsters because of Fred Wilpon?”

We can interview families his best friend screwed over and, for $5, they have to answer important trivia questions such as “How many times did David Wright strike out in close and late situations this year?” Would Chris Carlin be available to host this show or is he too famous now? I’m afraid his head is getting too big…and his ears get smaller:

(insert big head small eared pic of Chris Carlin. I am too lazy to do this. This is a really shitty blog, isn’t it? This team deserves no better.)

Philosophical Question:

If Saul Katz and Fred Wilpon mug and kill cub scouts in the woods and two trees fall on their heads, would the chewing motion of Jeff Wilpon eating their flesh make a sound?


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