Wake me up when we’re past the Cubs. Go draft pick!

How awful is this team? I’m a fucking cartoon and I want to kill myself. To muster the energy to even parody this team is asking this bullpen to hold a 2 run lead or for Prince Fielder to not punch little children for their birthday cake. You know he does. I bet you he does. He looks like a fat cake eating bully. Take that fat ass and get out of citi field. It’s now time for the real bullies, the Phillies, to come to town and kick our ass.

Cliff Lee is probably sporting wood the size of Shaq – thinking about how quickly he will dismantle this piece of crap offense. What pile of shit soft tossing bum are we throwing out tomorrow? Mr Nose? He of the over used noodle arm?

Give me a break. Time to watch a movie. And if you think you’re going to get ‘insightful analysis’ about this time, maybe a state geek who roams the message board can do that. I’m too busy trying to find the next porno Megan Foxx will be forced to be in. Hey, what can only hope. Sorry, we’re met fans…YOU GOTTA BELIEVE!

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