Mets Lose First Game After Big League Promotion

After beating the Padres 2 out of 3 games in San Diego, the Mets were promoted to the major leagues much to the surprise of Terry Collins and the remaining 432 fans who follow this team this year. Unfortunately, Matt Latos and the world’s worst offense didn’t greet the Mets as they entered Citi Field in the middle of a monsoon. Apparently they played the Brewers. Somehow, the Brewers are a good team and our $140 million team is behind the Nationals.

I don’t even know how they lost, by the way. I turned the game on in the 6th inning and they were losing 6-0. Truth be told, I fell asleep for most of the evening. Apparently, so did the Mets. Now that we are both well rested I expect to be able to report what goes on during the games as Mike Baxter hits cleanup and Ruben Tejada pitches or whatever awful things this team is going to subject its fans to…




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