God I Hope The Yankees Lose 94 Games

Be honest, most of you probably spend as much time rooting for the Yankees to lose as the Mets to win (At least I do. My motto is “All it takes is access to a plane, a screwdriver and a dream).

With that said, I wonder if the baseball God’s will actually allow this Yankee team to go fall on its face in horrible fashion and let us bask in their anti-glory, or if some other asshole from the farm system will save them like Jeter did or Mickey Pickle Liver from the 1950′s. God damnit I hate that team.

Keep an eye on them. See if you notice a needle poking out of the left pocket from any of those lefty ‘homer hitters’.

One more thing I want to say – actually, it is a prediction. A lot of people believe the Vernon Wells deal will be a bust. I don’t think so. What they need to do is just put a mirror on the left side of the batter’s box, have him swing and miss like he usually does, and his lefty reflection, by shear fact of being left handed, is good for at least 24 homers there.

God I hate that team and their stadium.


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