Last Year Sucked. Just Like This Blog. Time For A New Year

Hello, spambots and the 2 people who mistyped

This is Mr Meh here to get you excited (at least you can be) for a new year. Who doesn’t want to run out to the stadium to watch Colin Cowbell play center field? And, if we’re lucky, we won’t watch Daniel Murphy carted off the infield like a legless pregnant lady. One can only hope!

So let’s hope for a few things this year, such as:

1.) A no hitter that doesn’t include a double by Carlos Beltran

2.) An ace pitcher who doesn’t fall apart or get traded to the Blue Jays

3.) A New Owner

4.) The thing that happens when you don’t lose. I can’t remember what it’s called

I was born negative and it’s why, to this day, my cousin remains the mascot of the team while I toil in misery and anonymity. Did I spell that right? I don’t think I even care.

Go Mets. Do a baseball thing. I’m so excited. And how can I not be? Colin Cowflop.

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