Why The Mets Removed The Gulf Coast League Team…

Everybody is having a good chuckle over what’s going on with the Mets getting rid of their Gulf Coast League minor league affiliate. At most, it seems that it will save them $800 thousand dollars. This , of course, leads to the question; what’s the big deal?

Well, after Matt Cerrone asked this question (I hope to holy hell he was just being a good company man) it seems many people are missing the point of how this benefits the Mets; it will dramatically reduce commitments in the draft especially since you cannot abuse the system with over-slot spending.

The reason removing the G.C.L team made sense is because it is the one place where you send your international free agents (i.e 16 year old kids from the Dominican or Venezuela) as well as high school players. Those are usually the most expensive players you invest in when you work to build your farm system since college kids, especially seniors, have no real leverage to work with.

By eliminating the lower level of their minor league affiliate they now stand to benefit by signing more college aged pitchers which not only can help hurry up in improving this team but also save them a ton of money in the long run.

Reading Between The Lines: Sandy has a few years to raise the value of the team, cut costs and then sell. Best case, they won’t sell but the plan is to, without question, cut all long term costs (next 3 years) and now they have a great excuse to do so.

The Mets’ ownership might be bad at running a baseball team and bad at maintaining envelope stuffing ponzie schemes but they are not stupid. They know what they are doing and we are now about to embark on a 3 year plan to cut costs and build value as cheaply as possible. There’s a reason we have the Moneyball Genius after 15+ years of Steve Phillips and Omar Minaya.

Bud Selig simply cannot afford to have the Mets fall any lower and the only way to ensure that would happen was to ‘recommend’ Sandy to do the dirty work. He’s the perfect age to handle this job for 3 years and, most likely, has a gentleman’s agreement to take on a nice MLB job when he’s done polishing this turd.



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