Still Skeptical, But So Far So Good…

I don’t want to get too excited or down either way but I think my doctor found a way to get my bat to stop limping so much. Here’s hoping.

What? Oh, the Mets? No, they will still be awful for the time being. Sorry.

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God I Hope The Yankees Lose 94 Games

Be honest, most of you probably spend as much time rooting for the Yankees to lose as the Mets to win (At least I do. My motto is “All it takes is access to a plane, a screwdriver and a dream).

With that said, I wonder if the baseball God’s will actually allow this Yankee team to go fall on its face in horrible fashion and let us bask in their anti-glory, or if some other asshole from the farm system will save them like Jeter did or Mickey Pickle Liver from the 1950′s. God damnit I hate that team.

Keep an eye on them. See if you notice a needle poking out of the left pocket from any of those lefty ‘homer hitters’.

One more thing I want to say – actually, it is a prediction. A lot of people believe the Vernon Wells deal will be a bust. I don’t think so. What they need to do is just put a mirror on the left side of the batter’s box, have him swing and miss like he usually does, and his lefty reflection, by shear fact of being left handed, is good for at least 24 homers there.

God I hate that team and their stadium.


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Just A Quick Question

When John Niese breaks his left arm throwing a fastball that leads to a pop up and David Wright and Ike Davis and, inexplicably, Terry Collins, all collide on the pitcher’s mound, does this mean Wally Backman gets to manage and, if so, who do we have in the farm to prepare for this event? I hope Sandy’s high school phenom outfielder, who had no baseball team in 2011, will be ready soon.

I am worried. The idea of being optimistic for the last 35 seconds was too intense for me. We are doomed. Something awful will happen. I just know it…hold me.


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Undefeated Mets Dismantle Winless Padres

I’m just saying, when Collin Cowgill hits 162 grand slams this year and he doesn’t win the MVP, a certain cartoon character is going to drop kick a certain baseball commissioner.

I guarantee, despite all risk of me mushing this season, that we win 90 games and suffer no real serious injuries. I feel it. For once, I am optimistic!

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Game 1 of 162

Colin Cowgill and the Mets, 11 -2 win over Padres.

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Last Year Sucked. Just Like This Blog. Time For A New Year

Hello, spambots and the 2 people who mistyped

This is Mr Meh here to get you excited (at least you can be) for a new year. Who doesn’t want to run out to the stadium to watch Colin Cowbell play center field? And, if we’re lucky, we won’t watch Daniel Murphy carted off the infield like a legless pregnant lady. One can only hope!

So let’s hope for a few things this year, such as:

1.) A no hitter that doesn’t include a double by Carlos Beltran

2.) An ace pitcher who doesn’t fall apart or get traded to the Blue Jays

3.) A New Owner

4.) The thing that happens when you don’t lose. I can’t remember what it’s called

I was born negative and it’s why, to this day, my cousin remains the mascot of the team while I toil in misery and anonymity. Did I spell that right? I don’t think I even care.

Go Mets. Do a baseball thing. I’m so excited. And how can I not be? Colin Cowflop.

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The Phillies Look Like Absolute Crap

Time to flush ‘em down. A sweep in that stadium, regardless of whether Chase Utley and Ryan “I could eat a horse , hell, I’m almost as heavy as one” Howard are out of the lineup would be a great accomplishment for this team. Of course, with our luck, we’ll have a no hitter in a 1-0 game, hit a guy who sticks his foot out and they will win on a 2 run infield homer.

You must know that if you visit this website you have to leave optimism at the door. I’m the world’s worst Met fan. I admit this.

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I Refuse To Believe…

Every time I do, they pull my pants down at the beach in front of all the pretty girls and I end up crying, in a fetal position, until I fall asleep. I won’t let them do this to me.

But if, somehow, they win 4 more in a row…

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Mr. and Mrs. Jon Niese?

They make a cute couple.

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New face of the New York Mets

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